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Addictive Keys - standalone - GUI does not open How do you keep track of the versions of your songs? No GUIBoot Found! Audio Addictive Trigger Complete Region playlist badly plays midi Bitwig Studio 4 Here we go again on the sister site (continued) Internet desert island - What to grab before going offline? Questions to InMusic Brands BFD3.3.1 VR MP3 enhancer/vitalizer plugin ? Output Arcade - "Search" more efficiently and keep productivity.


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fresh releases

Samples, multi-libraries
inMusic Brands BFD XFL (BFD3) screenshot
P2P | 28 June 2022 | 4.95 GB
BFD XFL includes rare and sought-after instruments, many of which are played with brushes and mallets. Rides with bells and crashes with edge hits sit alongside a diverse range of splash, china, accent cymbals and detailed hihats. There's even a selection of kit-oriented percussion such as cowbells, jamblocks and tambourines. All this is recorded at up to 93 velocity layers resulting in a 22GB library with a room sound that's been tried and tested on countless records since the launch of the original BFD.
Samples, multi-libraries
inMusic Brands - BFD Virtually Erskine Grooves (BFD3) (BFD2) (BFD Eco) screenshot
P2P | 28 June 2022 | 31.4 MB
Virtually Erskine Grooves is a BFD Groove Pack with over 400 patterns played by legendary drummer Peter Erskine. Although intended to accompany the BFD Virtually Erskine expansion pack, the included Grooves can be used with any kits from any library in your BFD3, BFD Eco or BFD2 installation to enhance your productions with Peter's precise and incredibly funky drumming.
Samples, multi-libraries
inMusic Brands BFD Swan Percussion (BFD3) screenshot
P2P | 28 June 2022 | 1.34 GB
Swan Percussion's original creations are inspired by a variety of world percussion. The 'Black Swan Drum' is a new take on the Ghanaian Gombe framedrum featuring a tom head. Other highlights include the 'Swango', a reinterpretation of the bongos, the Afro-Cuban Batá-style 'Batudu' and a variety of shakers and cajons. The included set of Crescent Haptic series effect cymbals provide characterful crash, resonator, crash china and ride china cymbal sounds.


Samples, sound effects, loops, presets, patches, impulses
WA Productions Free Anniversary Collection Vol.8 WAV MiDI SERUM FL STUDIO ABLETON [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 27 June 2022 | 3 GB
At W. A. Production, we're proud to have been providing music producers with the best quality samples, plugins, and learning tools since 2014. In honor of our 8th anniversary, we're excited to bring you a collection of some of our best sounds from the past year, and the best part -- it's 100% free! Introducing the W. A. Production Free Anniversary Collection Vol. 8!
Software » Mac OSX
Wave Arts Impulse Record Convology XT v1.24 The “Complete” Library UNLOCKED macOSX screenshot
macOSX | 8.57 GB
Convology XT – Vintage Reverb loaded with close to 3,000 vintage impulse response files from 126 different pieces of vintage outboard gear! Featuring 17 different plates, 39 inspiring 80s and 90s DSP gear, 36 Spring Reverb units, 7 German DSP units including the 245, 246, 248 and 250, 10 Tape Echo Oil Can Delay units, 16 prized Vintage Amps! Comes in VST, AU and AAX formats.
Education » Video Tutorials
Waves Width in Mastering with Piper Payne TUTORiAL FREE screenshot
TUTORiAL | 214.89 MB
We all want our mastered tracks to sound big, wide, loud and full. To achieve that, many of us first reach for stereo spreader knobs, stereo widening plugins, or MS processing techniques. But these methods are risky, and might introduce phase issues if not done carefully. In this masterclass, Piper will show you a simpler, more musical, more natural way to achieve width and depth in a master.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
TDR Kotelnikov v1.6.4 x64 x86 VST VST3 AU AAX WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 22 June 2022 | 43 MB
TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor combining high fidelity dynamic range control with deep musical flexibility. As a descendant of the venerable TDR Feedback Compressor product family, Kotelnikov has directly inherited several unique features such as a proven control scheme, individual release control for peak and RMS content, an intuitive user interface, and powerful, state of the art, high-precision algorithms.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
Digital Suburban Dexed v0.9.6 x64 VST3 AU WiN MAC [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 21 June 2022 | 12 MB
Dexed is a multi platform, multi format plugin synth that is closely modeled on the Yamaha DX7. Under the hood it uses music-synthesizer-for-android for the synth engine.

The goal of this project is to be a tool/companion for the original DX7. Sound engine with 'float' value parameters, different waveform à la TX81z would be great but anything that goes beyond the DX7 should and will be a fork of this project. This is to keep the compatibility with the original machine.
Software, Windows, Mac OSX
TDR Nova v2.1.5 x64 x86 VST VST3 AU AAX WiN macOS [FREE] screenshot
FREE | 21 June 2022 | 58 MB
NOVA is a parallel dynamic equalizer. Appearing in the familiar layout of a parametric equalizer, each band also includes a full featured dynamics section allowing the processor to cover an impressively wide range of applications. Be it a master lacking density, the drum bus asking for more crispiness, or a sibilance problem in your perfect take: NOVA has an elegant answer.

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